No Half Measures

Mike face Has it been a year already? Has it been two? Has it really been five?

Since my last birthday? My last blog? Since we started to ROTT? Since The Big O died?

How on earth did I live to 29. How does anyone?

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In The Thick Of It

One month ago I celebrated my 28th birthday.  Almost four years to the days on which my father and dog died.  That was a fun week.

Did you know I was going to take 2012 “off”?  True story.  After selling my stake in RipTen back to Chad and co. I was going to focus on real estate, my father’s estate, my estate, my fitness, my new relationship, do some freelance writing and generally try to relax and settle down for a bit.  The Kotaku thing was supposed to be “it” for me and video games… then Apogee called.

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